ICE management NJ

Ice is a very serious condition and at Premier we take it very seriously. Premier has a zero-tolerance approach to ice. By monitoring your property not only on the day of a weather event but in the days before and after as deemed necessary by temperatures and other conditions. An exceptionally heavy and fast-moving snowstorm can mean that ice can accumulate on pavements despite our preventative treatments. When this happens our goal changes from ice resistance to ice removal.

De-icing is defined as removal of existing snow, ice or frost from pavement or another surface. It includes both mechanical means, and chemical means, such as plowing or scraping and applications of salt or other ice-melting materials. Anti-icing is treatment with ice-melting chemicals before or during the onset of a storm in order to prevent or delay the formation and adhesion of ice and snow to the surface. De-Icing agents are usually applied shortly before the beginning of a snowstorm. When properly performed, anti-icing can reduce the amount of salt required and allow easier removal by mechanical methods, including plowing.

Premier has deicers that work well even in sub-zero temperatures. We have various deicing products such as CMS, Calcium, liquid deicers and much more. Our experienced ice management crew members will consider the thickness of the ice formation as well as the temperatures when deciding how much deicer to apply and which product is right for your commercial ice management needs.