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Quality Craftmanship:

Our snow plow teams perform dry runs both during the day and night prior to the first initial snow event. This insures that time, logistics, and performance can be evaluated to make any adjustments necessary prior to the first snowstorm. PREMIER has a bond of long lasting relationships with our snow team members, which have been continuous throughout many years. This guarantees that our clients will receive the same quality workmanship year after year.

PREMIER prides itself on servicing all of our customers in a timely manner. We maintain an excellent staff of snow removal professionals who have all passed a rigorous approval process to become one of our trusted team members. Our long lasting & loyal relationship throughout the years is why we have an exceptional low turnover ratio of only 5%.

Communication Process:

In addition to the IVR System, our professional 24 hour office staff is in constant contact with our field crews during any winter weather event. PREMIER drivers are required to check in with our customer service teams throughout a storm, so that they may be kept up to the minute on all property locations. This assures that when a client calls our office team they will receive the most up to date information available on the condition of their property.

Customer Service:

A dedicated representative is assigned as your main source of contact throughout the winter season. Your representative will be in touch with you days prior to a storm arriving, so that you can take the guess work out of the equation, wondering when a flurry or a major storm may arise. They will continue to stay in touch throughout the entire event.

The entire customer service department is well trained to acknowledge any issues that may come up during a snow event. Our team will always clarify a complete understanding of your concerns. We will present resolution and take the proper steps to getting a situation resolved. Your designated account representative will continuously follow up to assure the situation has been rectified.

Crew Size Ratio Per Location:

1 truck & snow plow with a salt spreader and 3 employees will be assigned to approximately every 3 locations. This ratio is calculated for an average size site of approximately 3000-4000 sq feet. Ratios will change according to property size. For example, larger properties may lower site locations per snow plow vehicle, or may entail its own independent crew to remain on site during an entire snow event.

PREMIER takes an extra step by assigning 1 foreman/supervisor truck to oversee approximately every 4 snow plow vehicles. This ensures that any emergencies that arise can be immediately addressed during a snow event. Our professional foremen are mechanically inclined and are fully equipped with tools, snow plow, shovel, and a salt spreader to immediately be able to step in and back up any crew.

Severe Abnormal Storms:

PREMIER is set up to handle storms of any size. We staff emergency crews on standby throughout the winter season. Our snow team always has an excessive fleet of backup equipment to service clients when storms are aggressive.  Premiers on staff  meteorologist informs us days ahead of a pending storm, giving us an advantage to preparing well in advance for any weather event.

All of our equipment is state of the art to handle severe weather conditions. In the past PREMIER has rescued many of our competitors’ clients, because they were not able to fulfill their customers’ needs. We have the equipment and experience to get the job done quickly and accurately.

Safety Control:

PREMIER team leaders are OSHA and SIMA certified members who attend periodic seminars and classes to stay current on safety rules and regulations for the industry. Information obtained at these seminars is passed along to all of our snow team members at mandatory safety meetings, which are held quarterly. Employees also go through a routine background check when hired and periodically throughout employment. This helps to provide our customers with safety and quality assurance. All of our equipment, which is well maintained by our own mechanics at our own facilities, is inspected regularly to make sure it is in proper and safe working order.

Geographic Locations:

PREMIER only bids on geographic locations that are capable of being serviced. Our management team will never over extend the crew/ratio size, which will prevent jeopardizing service when high demand is expected during day time events, ice storms, or larger snow storms. PREMIER is thriving and expanding to better serve our clients.

Environmental Risks and Hazards:

Site managers along with our snow team staff members will inspect all locations upon receipt of a contract. After a full thorough inspection, our professionals will report all hazardous and environmental risks that are present, or that may occur in the future. For example, inspectors will inform our snow team members where to stack snow piles in order to prevent obstruction to a pedestrians view.

PREMIER also prevents piling snow up next to any bodies of water to avoid contamination. All of our crew members are trained to apply the correct amount of de-icing products to pavement areas to avoid causing damage to the structure of the property. These are extra steps that we take to help prevent high risks and hazardous situations from occurring throughout the winter season.




    At Premier Snow Management, we take service very serious. Signing on with Premier means a worry free winter for our customers. Actions speak louder than words, so to prove it, we guarantee that if you need to call us after the first initial service during an actual weather event, we will respond within an hour or that return service is*FREE!  

    *Claim for free service must be made within 48 hours and cannot be used in any collection or legal matters. Guarantee does not apply on any seasonal contracts.


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