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Snow plowing: One of the most common services in winter maintenance is snow plowing. PSM has the equipment necessary to plow the snow and transfer it to a predesignated area on your property, or remove it to a specified off site location. We provide this service to a wide variety of businesses throughout the tri-state area. Since every location is unique, the type of equipment that will be used for the job will vary . PSM will determine your needs to ensure that your property is safely cleared for the benefit of your clientele as well as your employees. Our fleet of snow removal equipment is extensive, and we make sure that it is kept in top conditions at all times.  Click Here for more information on our Snow Plowing Services…

Sidewalk Management: When you consider a commercial snow removal service you may be thinking about snow plows and other heavy duty equipment rolling out to clear expansive parking lots and roadways but sidewalks and entrances also need attention. PSM is a full service company. We are equipped to handle the big jobs but we also have the machinery that is functional for the smaller ones. We have snow blowers to remove the lighter accumulations and others for deeper accumulations.  Click Here for more information on our Sidewalk Management Services…



Ice Management: Ice is a very serious condition and at PSM we take it very seriously. PSM has a zero tolerance approach to ice. By monitoring your property not only on the day of a weather event, but in the days before and after as deemed necessary by temperatures and other conditions where pre and post treatments may be necessary. An exceptionally heavy and fast moving snow storm can mean that ice can accumulate on pavements despite our preventative treatments. When this happens our goal changes from resistance to removal. We have deicers that work well even in sub zero temperatures. We have various deicing agents such as CMS, Calcium, liquid deicers and much more.Our experienced crew members will consider the thickness of the ice formation as wellas the temperatures when deciding how much deicer to apply.  Click Here for more information on our Ice Management services…

Snow Stacking: PSM can relocate your snow piles to a remote area of your property to free up drive lanes, parking spaces or storage areas as needed. What a professional plan from the start of the season, you can rest assured that snow is piled in  areas which are the safest for both pedestrians and vehicles. With many different options , our team leader will work with you to find the most cost effective and right solution for your needs.  Click Here for more information on our Snow Stacking services… 

Snow Hauling:  At PSM, we are aware that it is not always feasible to stock pile the plowed snow on the premises of your business. We plan for that contingency to pre designating alternative dump sites convenient to your location. If your needs require you to have no sign of snow on your site, for safety reasons or otherwise, PSM can make that happen by melting snow on location. As another option to hauling snow away. Melting may be an alternativesolution to have snow removed from your property.  Click Here for more information on our Snow Hauling services…




    At Premier Snow Management, we take service very serious. Signing on with Premier means a worry free winter for our customers. Actions speak louder than words, so to prove it, we guarantee that if you need to call us after the first initial service during an actual weather event, we will respond within an hour or that return service is*FREE!  

    *Claim for free service must be made within 48 hours and cannot be used in any collection or legal matters. Guarantee does not apply on any seasonal contracts.


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