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Choosing the Right Commercial Snow Removal Service

Snow can take its toll on drive time commutes, airplane flights and home heating bills. But it can also take its toll on a business, specifically the ability of employees to get into their office and of customers and business partners to potentially do business in said offices. And when it comes to snow, it’s not just the total snowfall that poses a threat, but subsequent ice formation in parking lots and on walking paths. The bottom line is that snow doesn’t just pose an inconvenience with commercial properties, it also poses a safety hazard. This makes it even more important for business owners and property managers to ensure that they’ve contracted with the right snow removal provider. Here’s a closer look at things to consider:

5 Things to Look for in a Snow Removal Provider

  1. What they actually do: Does the contractor remove snow from all paved areas of the property (i.e., sidewalks, common areas, etc.) or just the main entrance and the parking lot? Do they use salt for any residual snow and/or ice or do they just shovel? Before you agree to anything, you need to know what the contractor actually does and if it’s enough to ensure the property is safe.
  2. When they’ll arrive: It goes without saying that if you get six inches of snow overnight and the contractor doesn’t arrive to remove it until noon, it’s not ideal for running a business. You’re not likely to be any contractor’s only client, but you need to know when you can expect snow removal to be performed. The earlier in the day, the better.
  3. What it’ll take for them to arrive: Will the contractor come plow if it’s only two inches of snow? Or is there some sort of snowfall minimum that’s required? This is something that you typically work out with the contractor in advance.
  4. Value-added services: Plowing and removing snow from parking lots, sidewalks and entryways is one thing, but what if there’s nowhere to put it? Some contractors actually offer haul away services to move snow to an off-site location.
  5. Cost: Finally, there’s the all important aspect of cost. We always recommend that you seek more than one quote when you’re shopping for a service such as this. Compare the perceived quality of service that you’ll be receiving with the quote you’ve been given to make a more educated decision.

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