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How Snow Plowing Contracts and Ice Removal Services Work

After our field staff collects data regarding your site, service providers are signed and trained in Premier Snow Management production systems enabling the most efficient use of resources and time management. Additional information is gathered at the job site for production sheets and site maps which are thoroughly reviewed by the service providers. Our production sheets clearly state the average time it will take to service a site. (No more wondering if that contractor you hired really took all night to plow your parking lot!)

Should you need to contact Premier Snow Management during a storm event, our call center operates 24/7 during snow and ice storms. Reaction time to your snowplowing and ice control needs is always immediate.

We also demand reports and work logs from all service providers, ensuring that if any slip-and-fall lawsuits are brought against the owner, property managers, or Premier Snow Management, they will be successfully defended with accurate data. The validity of this data is supported with CREW TRACKER SOFTWARE which tracks all service providers, logging time, location and tasks, using real-time technology that instantly records data which can be accessed faster than GPS.

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